Integrative Medical Centre


There are two Integrative Medical Practices, one in Lansdowne and the other in Panorama.

These two centres incorporate
a number of healing modalaties, including:

* An Integrative Medical Practitioner
* SCIO Practitioners
* A Neurotherapy Practitioner (Lansdowne)
* A Lifestyle Coach and First Line
     Therapist (Panorama)
* A Trauma Release Therapist (Panorama)
* A DPPT Practitioner (Lansdowne)
* A Reiki Master (Panorama) and
* Aroma Therapy Treatments (Panorama)

All these modalaties enhance the body's innate healing capabilaties.
Current Running Special:
376 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 696 2957
33 Hennie Winterbach, Panorama
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 930 1081