Dr. L. Emdin


MB ChB (UCT) CEDH (France) Dip Ac (SAMAS) Cert. Integ. Med. (U.S.)

Dr. Emdin is an Integrative Medical Practitioner.

He has been a Medical Practioner
for over 36 years and is also a qualified and registered Homeopath and Acupuncturist.  He also has a certificate in Integrative Medicine and has recently received a graduate certificate in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice from the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine
QX/SCIO Bio-feedback
Rife Resonator
Bemer PEFT
ECG/EEG Neuro-feedback (Neurotherapy)
Alpha Stim Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES)
Low-energy Laser
376 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 696 2957
33 Hennie Winterbach, Panorama
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 930 1081