Q Link

Q Link

In to
day's society we live in a network of electromagnetic grids.  As we cannot see, hear or feel these grids, most people assume that electromagnetic frequencies do not exits.  Unfortunately the frequencies around us do have an impact on the environment, and even worse, our bodies.

Science has recently proven that the body's basic impulese isn't chemical, but electrical.  The body operates on low level bio-electrical frequencies, and as such, we are in essence electromagnetic beings.  For more details on the dangers of living with so many electrical fields the website www.microwavenews.com is a fountain of information.
The Q Link generates its own electromagnetic field that neutralises the effects of the environmental fields.

The Q-Link is available as a necklace, as a mini version that connects to a cellular phone, and as a Nimbus, which connects to computers to negate the negative electric fields on the human body.


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