Metabole Calcium

Nutritional Information

Four teaspoons (20g) contain:


Calcium 500mg 63
Magnesium 250mg 83
Zinc 25mg 166
Boron 2mg
Manganese 4mg
Silicon 25mg
Copper 300mcg 15
Vitamin D 200IU 100
Vitamin C 300mg 500
Vitamin B3 10mg 56
Vitamin B5 10mg 167
Vitamin B6 5mg 250
Folic Acid 520mcg 260
Citrus Bioflavonoids 6mg
Hesperidin 6mg
Rutin 3mg
Beta Carotene 5mg
L-Glycine 225mg
L-Proline 130mg
Barley Grass 200mg
Kelp 10mg
Proprietary Phytosugar Blend 110mg

Product Details

Calcium is a comprehensive blend of bone nutrients.  Bone is a living tissue and like all living tissues is controlled by many complicated metabolic pathways which require numerous cofactors (vitamins and minerals) and other nutrients for optimal functioning.

Vitamin K for example forms part of an enzyme that is important in osteocalcin production and therefore essential for bone formation and repair.  Vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper and silicon also play a role in the protein matrix of bone, being involved in different enzyme systems that are responsible for the cross linking or stabilization of collagen fibers.  Magnesium, manganese and strontium on the other hand are involved with the mineralization of bone, forming part of enzyme systems involved in this process.

Vitamin D is also included in the formula and is especially important in cases where dietary intake and exposure to sunlight are inadequate - in the elderly for example - and is required for intestinal calcium absorption.  Boron has been found to be necessary for bone health and seems to be important in vitamin D metabolism, playing an imporant role in enzyme catalyzed hydroxylation reactions.  Zinc also enhances the biochemical reactions of vitamin D and has also been found to be essential for normal bone formation.

Collagen also forms part of the support structure of the bone and may also be compromised by lack of adequate nutrients.  Proline and glycine are the major structural amino acids of collagen and have been included for this reason.

Choosing an anti-osteoporosis formulation thus entails much more than simply a calcium supplement of one form or the other;  as far more enzyme systems, vitamins and minerals are involved.

Like all the Metabole's powder products no artificial ingredients are included in the formulation which works together as a synergistic whole.

Calcium Formulation is in a powder form that can be taken to suit individual requirements.  Powders are already in a digested form with ascorbic acid being the end product which gives rapid absorption and optimally metabolised.


4 teaspoons (20g) daily in a glass of water or as directed by a health-care practitioner

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