For thousands of years, plants have been used for healing ind improving health.  Oils from plants were used in embalming, as offerings to the Gods in the temples, as aromatic and massage oils in the bath houses by the Greeks and Romans and in the Middle East, plants were

used widely for their medicinal and therapeutic properties.  Oils and aromatic medicines were brought to Europe from the Middle East and Aromatherapy was developed during the Middle Ages in Europe into one of the most sought-after forms of natural healing.
Essential oils enter the body by the skin and the nose and they leave the body efficiently leaving no toxins behind.  When inhaled, essential oils come into contact with the olfactory system located in the nose and behind the eyes.  Oils are also absorbed quite easily through the pores and hair follicles in the skin, directly into the blood stream.  They have a positive effect on blood circulation, helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while assisting in the disposal of carbon dioxide and other waste materials.  This is called aromatherapy, a holistic way of addressing the mind, body and soul.  Essential oils have a therapeutic effect on the skin, circulation, muscles and joints, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the genito-urinary and endocrine systems, the immune system, nervous system and the mind.

The Aromatherapist is Augustha van Niekerk, and a list of treatments can be found on her page.


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