The Bemer was developed by Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka. and works via electromagnetic energy, which is the foundation on which all organisms function.  This is also where the name came from:  Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.

Ideal usage is recommended as twice a day for eight minutes, and there are no known side effects.

The major physiological parameters that are quantifiable, repeatable and consistently improved with BEMER treatment are, inter alia:

     *  Micro Circulation
     *  Macro Circulation
     *  Partial Oxygen Pressure
     *  Protein Bio-Synthesis
     *  ATP Production
     *  Immune System
     *  Analgesic and Anti-Oxidation Regulation
     *  Repair Mechanisms

When you are ill or in pain, you see a physician or therapist.  As a rule, they will treat your symptoms.  Often, the root causes are not sufficiently explored.  If an illness becomes chronic, people learn to deal with it and succumb to their "fate".

The human body can heal itself when it has a sufficient supply of energy.  Illness can only progress when the body it soo weak to heal itself.  The majority of the population is suffering from a chronic lack of energy because of significant stress caused by the environment and modern lifestyle.

If we consider our nutritional intake, the air we breathe, the geo-magnetic field of the earth, etc., as the normal sources of our life energy - our "battery" - it does not take much to realize that we are operating with a major deficit.

When our body's systems are depleted, so are we.  The develpment of the BEMER 3000 can be seen as a "booster battery", which can compensate the energy deficit to a great extent.


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