Directed Pressure Point Technique (DPPT) is a safe, gentle and highly effective method to restore, balance & maintain the body's natural process of self-healing.

Like an overloaded electrical circuit, certain areas of the body can "shut down" as the vital link between brain and body become blocked or disrupted.

DPPT is a complementary health practice that has been developed in South Africa over the past 20 years.  This is a completely unique technique that works on all sistems of the body.

The body of each individual is a complex and integrated system and each person is approached as a unique individual.  DPPT addreses the body as a whole, reconnecting and balancing the chemical, emotional, mental and physical body.

In our increasingly complex, stressful and demanding world we are being asked to push our bodies and ignore our emotional lives in order to survive and reamain competitive.  This leads to tension, distress and trauma, which have an accumulative effect on the body.

This will eventually manifest in some symptoms as it inhibits the body's natural ability to heal and maintain a state of balance.

Whe a disruption in the communication channels between brain and body occurs, this disruption will result in some malfunction and manifest as various symptoms.

Distress is slight at first and often hardly noticeable, increasing gradually over time.  This can go undetected for many years until obvious signs emerge in the form of symptoms.

Muscles that do not relax to their full natural potential, even at rest, maintain a gradually increasing stress on the body.  Eventually this manifests a s a variety of symptoms.

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