Neurotherapy is also know as neurofeedback or EEG (Electro-encephalogram) biofeedback (i.e. biofeedback for the brain - in other words a treatment progamme which works directly on the brain).

Electrodes are placed on specific spots on the scalp and computer generated feedback can teach the brain to increase brainwaves with certain frequencies that are favourable for specific activities and to decrease brainwaves that are nfavourable for these activities.

Auditory and visual stimuli, ususally in the form of computer games, are fed back to the person being treated.  As long as the person concentrates the game continues and there is positive reinfgorcement.  When the person's attention fades the game stops.

No electrical impulses are fed to the person during Neurotherapy, only feedback about the person's own brain activity - i.e. he/she is informed either by auditory (sound) or visual (graphic) feedback when the brain is functioning more effectively.

Neurotherapy strengthens the neurological (nerve) connections in the brain and thus improve mental focus and flexibility, thereby improving the brain function and reducing symptoms which are related to poor brain regulation.

Neurotherapy is very helpful in condition such as AD/HD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, migraines and other headaches, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, strokes and traumatic brain injuries, as well as drug and alcohol dependency.

Neurotherapy is done by Marcia Daley under the supervision of Dr. L. Emdin.

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