QX/SCIO Bio-Feedback


The QX/SCIO is a state of the art bio-feedback system for stress detection and stress reduction, designed by a Complementary Health Practitioner, Professor Bill Nelson.

The QX/SCIO connects to the client via a headband and wrist and ankle straps.  It sends electromagnetic signals to the body.  This scanning and therapy process is painless and non-invasive.

Scanning of the body can be likened to a computer anti virus.  The program has a base value for immune levels and resistance levels.  During scanning it compares the client's levels against the base values and from that analyses what deficiencies, allergies and emotional and mental blockages and stress the body is under.

The therapies that can be done through the QX/SCIO include, electro acupuncture, reflexology, allergy desensitization, detoxification, nutritional balancing, stress reduction, color therapy and biorhythms.

Scio Readings are performed by Anton Schutte in Panorama, and Marcia Daley and Sister Annelise Jansen van Rensburg in Lansdowne.

QX Scio


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